Everything you need to know about braces.

Do you feel embarrassed with crooked teeth? Are you planning to wear braces? Whatever the reason for your crooked teeth you’re not alone. Today of million people around the world are wearing braces. But there are many things you should know before you dive into orthodontic treatments. Getting braces was once a sign of awkwardness in high school years back. Getting braces has become fun for middle schoolers. Dentistry has advanced in orthodontic technology and has got evolution like clear braces aligners. Self-care has taken the stage to enhance the health and confidence of using braces. We have found braces helping not only kids but also adults in giving excellent results. Teeth movement after braces has been known to occur and it is something that you should consult with an orthodontist about to help you choose the best treatment.

Ten things to know for Getting Braces

  1. Orthodontic Records:

Before you start with the treatment your orthodontist will obtain orthodontic records from you. Orthodontic records are all about the essential information on your past dental history. Accordingly, your orthodontist plans your treatment.

  1. It’s about the way you smile:

 While orthodontics is a cosmetic lust for straight teeth, braces can also help correct teeth, bite and jaw alignment issues. It can also improve oral health.

  1. Dental work done first:

Before obtaining braces, you should have teeth cleaning and get your other dental work completed. It may also include having wisdom teeth removal so that it doesn’t interfere with your braces.

  1. Concentrate on your diet:

Certain foods from your diet you should avoid before getting braces done. It can become a big problem. Avoid foods like gummy bears and gum, very hard foods like corn on the cob, apples, etc.

  1. Brushing is more important:

Braces make brushing a little difficult, but it is necessary to ensure the good health of your teeth. Before getting braces, get a travel pack together for oral care. Carry a toothbrush and travel-sized paste and a gum-safe toothpick. Items can stuck between wires and brackets, so brushing will help resolve it quickly and help you to take a fresh breath.

  1. Athletes:

If you are an athlete you may require a mouthguard. Patients who play sports should use a mouthguard to protect their mouths.

  1. Use Braces and promise:

 Most patients see their orthodontist every 4-6 weeks to confirm if treatment is going properly. But you should promise yourself to maintain your braces healthy and by taking care. It’s a time for commitment for the patient.

8.No pain with braces:

Patients may encounter mild pain after initial placement and when wires are tightly fitted. If so, they can chew sugar-free gum or suck on ice to relieve pain. You can also use over-the-counter pain medication and eat only eating soft foods.

  1. Before and after pics:

 Take before and after pics, you will surely want to see the difference after a few days.

We hope by now you are happy to know how to handle braces and how to manage with them. Pain and distress during the period of treatment will fade from your mind the moment you take your off. There is no comparison of the feeling of having a perfect smile, and braces will give that perfect smile, which you always wanted. If you or someone wish to get braces, contact our office to set up an appointment. Our doctors are very friendly with braces, and they have been treating families. We hope to see you getting treatment with us. We are your next-door family clinic. We wish you have healthy oral health.

Yahir Leroy

The author Yahir Leroy