January 2023



We all want our teeth to look symmetrical and aligned. Misaligned teeth can give rise to a host of health problems. Due to this reason people often choose to undergo orthodontic treatments to realign their teeth. The innovations in modern dentistry have led to a boost in the number of orthodontic treatments that have become available. This can also lead to a lot of confusion. Metal braces are a classic orthodontic treatment option. There are several advantages of metal braces, and that is why they are still a popular choice. We are here to tell you about the different treatment options available and why you should consider orthodontic braces.

What are the advantages of orthodontic braces?

If struggling with crooked and misaligned teeth, orthodontic braces are the best way to target them. However, they can be uncomfortable and conspicuous which can make one apprehensive about it. Orthodontic braces are the ideal option for treating complex orthodontic concerns. They are highly cost-effective, especially when compared to other options like removable clear aligners. It is a straightforward treatment which is provided by all dentists.

Are there any disadvantages to orthodontic braces?

Orthodontic braces are a popular dental treatment, which has great long-term benefits. There are disadvantages as well. You must be well aware of them as well. When braces have been attached to the teeth, cleaning teeth can become quite a task. The reason behind this is that the food particles begin to stick around the braces, making them difficult to remove. In turn, it leads to plaque and tartar build-up which increases the chances of tooth decay. This also gives rise to the risk of gum diseases. One might even suffer from bad breath.

What are the advantages when opting for retainers?

Clear aligners are another great option that has increasingly become popular. Most people choose this method because they are inconspicuous. You can wear it whenever you want to and it won’t impact the aesthetics of your smile. As they are made using flexible polymers, they are more flexible in nature. This makes them comfortable to wear. There are no oral restrictions like there are with braces. You can eat all your favourite foods. As the aligners are removable, it allows you to maintain optimal oral health.

Will ceramic braces help to achieve the same results as metal braces?

The shape and design of ceramic braces are the same as metal braces. The only noticeable difference is that the ceramic braces are tooth-coloured. You will get the same results from ceramic and metal braces. There are certain cases which can’t be treated with ceramic braces. It is not an ideal option for those who grind their teeth. This can lead to the wearing of the opposite teeth. Apart from that, the results achieved from both treatments are the same. Your dentist will walk you through them and whether they are the ideal choice for your concern.

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