Dentures are loose – What should you do?

Do you face the same problem of loose dentures? Do you worry about how to fix the problem? If so, stop worrying and learn how to adjust dentures. Remember that loose dentures can cause a lot of health problems. Your gums can create inflammation where the dentures contact and the plate might move. Thus, it makes eating difficult. It is because your dentures are loose. To fix dentures in place, look into implant-supported dentures. In this blog, we will talk more in detail about what you should do when you have loose dentures.

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What causes loose dentures?

The problem with loose dentures can be that after tooth extraction, your gums are swollen for several weeks, and then you are adjusting to new dentures. However, when your swelling goes down, your dentures become loose. The most common reason is bone resorption. Your gums will start to shrink when there is nothing holding your teeth in your mouth.

How can you deal with loose dentures?

Making an appointment with your dentist to discuss your options is the best way to know what’s best for your case.

Denture adhesives

Denture adhesive powder also keeps your dentures in place, and the powder is light enough to apply a layer over wet dentures in the areas where they will be in contact with your gums. Powders do not ooze. And your clean-up is more manageable. Cushions or strips are the most hygienic types of denture adhesive. They are pre-formed to fit the shape and can be cut with scissors if necessary. When you remove your dentures, the cushions come off the appliance easily.

Adjustment by your dentist

Your dentures may need a minor adjustment, but that does not fix the problem.

There are two kinds of relining: one is soft, and the other is hard.

With soft relining, a polymer is added inside the denture tray. The tray is placed in your mouth carefully. And the hard relining is used for hard relining.

Dental implants

Dental implants can provide long-lasting security to your dentures and are the best ones; only two are needed to support your denture. This choice generally eliminates the need for denture pastes or adhesives, while providing more significant levels of stability. Most patients rarely experience denture falls when they’re connected to two or more dental implants.

The Key takeaway

By now, you know what to do when your dentures are loose. We also understand the challenges you face to fix and maintain are also very high. If you are not sure which method is most suitable for your long-term oral health, visit your dentist and discuss to learn more about your condition.

If you need cleaning, dental implants, cosmetic dental treatments, or any other dental services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be delighted to help you. We have experienced dentists and experts who can solve your queries and give the best suggestions related to your problems. We hope to see you soon in our clinic and will be grateful to serve you.

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